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Oxford Duplication are one of the leading 35mm film and 16mm film conversion specialists in Oxfordshire UK. Trust the company that University of Oxford recommends.

35 mm film is the film gauge most commonly used for motion pictures and chemical still photography. The name of the gauge refers to the width of the photographic film, which consists of strips 34.98 ±0.03 mm (1.377 ±0.001 inches) wide. The standard negative pulldown for movies ("single-frame" format) is four perforations per frame along both edges, which results in 16 frames per foot of film. For still photography, the standard frame has eight perforations on each side.

Our aim is to support your motion picture film archive requirements with affordable and professional services that will give you the optimum result for all your 16mm film and 35mm film needs. Contact our studio on 01865 457000 for a quotation. All prices exclude VAT.

  16mm Roll Film Oxford
50 ft
1000ft +
cine 16mm to dvd

CINE FILM 16mm Sound/Silent

1+ 18.00
5+ 16.50
10+ 14.75
15+ 13.50
1+ 20.50
5+ 18.75
10+ 17.00
15+ 15.50
1+ 26.00
5+ 23.50
10+ 21.45
15+ 19.50
1+ 36.00
5+ 32.50
10+ 29.75
15+ 27.00
1+ 36.00
5+ 32.50
10+ 29.75
15+ 27.00
1+ 38.50
5+ 35.00
10+ 32.00
15+ 29.00
1+ 42.50
5+ 38.50
10+ 35.00
15+ 32.00
1+ 60.00
5+ 54.50
10+ 49.50
15+ 45.00


Ciné film (sometimes Cine, no acute accent) is the term commonly used in the UK to refer to the 9.5 mm16 mm8 mm and Super 8 motion picture film formats used for home movies. Cine film literally means "moving" film; deriving from the Greek "kine" for motion; it also has roots in the Anglo-French word cinematograph, meaning moving picture.

Although there had been earlier attempts, typically employing larger formats, the introduction of the 9.5 mm and 16 mm formats in the early 1920s finally succeeded in introducing the practice of showing rented "play-at-home" copies of professionally made films, which, in the case of feature-length films, were usually much shortened from the originals.

More significantly, these new cine film gauges were the first truly practical formats for making casual amateur "home movies" of vacation trips, family gatherings, and important events such as weddings. Amateur dramas and comedies were sometimes filmed, usually just for fun and without any aspiration to artistic merit.




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