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Most other companies who offer a cassette to digital service have automated machines that capture aone-size-fits-all result. Every single item that comes through our doors has personal attention. Your product is not the result of an automated process.

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Convert your old DAT tapes to CD or computer files such as WAV, AIFF or MP3 before they wear out!

  • Serving Oxfordshire and the UK.
  • Convenient location near Oxford, with a large customer car park.
  • We convert all types of audio: music, recitals, interviews, evidence, and much more.

Our reel to reel audio services are extensive and cover the following:

  transfer audio dat tapes to cd


DAT was not the first digital audio tape; pulse-code modulation (PCM) was used in Japan by Denon in 1972. Denon's development dated from its work with Japan's NHK Broadcasting; NHK developed the first high-fidelity PCM audio recorder in the late 1960s. Denon continued development of their PCM recorders that used professional video machines as the storage medium, eventually building 8-track units used for, among other productions, a series of jazz records made in New York in the late 1970s.

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High quality audio DAT conversion to WAV MP3 files or audio CD

Conversion includes general audio repair of noise, crackle, hiss removal.

Price Per Audio

1+ 17.00
5+ 15.50
10+ 13.99
DAT Tape

Price Per Audio

1+ 17.00
5+ 15.50
10+ 13.99

Price Per Audio

1+ 19.50
5+ 17.50
10+ 16.00

Price Per Audio

1+ 70.00
5+ 64.00
10+ 58.00

Price Per Audio

1+ 21.25
5+ 19.25
10+ 17.50

Price Per Audio

1+ 65.50
5+ 59.50
10+ 54.00

DAT Tape Repairs in Oxford UK

DAT tapes are between 15 and 180 minutes in length, a 120-minute tape being 60 meters in length. DAT tapes longer than 60 meters tend to be problematic in DAT recorders due to the thinner media. DAT machines running at 48 kHz and 44.1 kHz sample rates transport the tape at 8.15 mm/s. DAT machines running at 32 kHz sample rate transport the tape at 4.075 mm/s.


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