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Supporting archive companies with U-Matic video tape digitisation of professional and standard formats to include VHS, Betacam SP SX, U-Matic (3/4 video tape) and HDCam into any digital video format from 10 bit uncompressed to your chosen codec AVI/Quicktime to compressed formats H264 MP4 files for online use, YouTube or other suitable platforms. Alternatively we can provide authored DVDs with menu suppliments. Our services are suited for the long term archival of video that will support your archive preservation requirements.


If you have Umatic analog composite video recordings, they are recorded in one of three major video encoding systems that exist in the world. These systems were developed as a means of combining in one signal all the information necessary to broadcast, display, and record video. Although each has a large number of sub variations, the three systems are: NTSC (National Television System Committee) PAL (Phase Alternate Line) SECAM (Séquentiel couleur à mémoire) Countries and regions throughout the world have at various points in time, and sometimes for geopolitical reasons, adopted one of these analog standards. NTSC is the standard that was adopted within North and Central America and all countries in the Caribbean except Guadeloupe and Martinique.

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U-Matic broadcast tapes typically have superior video and sound quality to that of a consumer tape. There are a variety of broadcast tapes we can transfer to 10 bit uncompressed digital files with either AVI or Quicktime codecs.
BROADCAST FORMAT 1+ 5+ 10+ 25+ 50+ 100+
U-MATIC/BETACAM/JVC/DVC MPEG4 35.00 32.00 29.00 26.50 24.00 ASK
PRO-RES 44.00 40.00 36.50 33.00 30.00 ASK
10 BIT UNCOMPRESSED 49.00 45.00 41.50 38.00 35.00 ASK
HDCAM TAPES MPEG4 53.50 44.50 40.50 37.00 33.50 ASK
PRO-RES 58.50 53.00 48.00 44.00 40.00 ASK
10 BIT UNCOMPRESSED 63.50 58.00 53.00 49.00 45.00 ASK

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