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Our studio has successfully restored hundreds of sound restoration, audio enhancement and audio cleaning in Oxfordshire and the UK with a 100% client testimonial.

Our audio restoration and sound enhancement service is highly sought after by private and corporate clients requiring important and valuable recording enhanced, cleaned or restored and digitilised into a suitable format.

Like for Like Price Match Guarantee. If you find a price cheaper, we will happily match it.

  Audio Restoration Oxfordshire and UK

From corporate audio enhancements or extractions, to criminal evidence support and/or video enhancement to compliment, to rare vinyl, audio cassettes , we can improve the overall effect of the sounds.

Our services are second to none and highly recommended. Our team are highly experienced audio engineers with degrees in Sound Engineering and have over 10 years of audio recording, audio enhancing and audio restoring behind them each. Our team are very friendly and highly skilled, you can trust us with a discreet and affordable service.

Please contact Cheryl on 01865 457000 or email direct whereby she will be able to suppport all your audio requirements.



Our skilled engineers and staff are proficient in audio transcribing. We can extract and transcribe from most devices from mobiles to recorders and deliver a final product in the format of your choice. YouSendIt, Dropbox or Wetransfer it to us! Please simply forward your recordings to us and we will complete your order within 5 working days.We do offer a 24 or 48 hour turnaround for urgent orders. Once completed we willl send it back to you as a cleaned up recording in the format of your choice.

  Audio Enhancements


Our standard audio enhancement service is perfect for VHS recordings and any audio or video tape that requires minor audio recovery or enhancement. We can remove clicks, hisses, noise issues and background problems. From there we clean the noise, remove hum frequences and enhance theh overall audio. All prices exclude VAT.

Audio Charges

  • 30 Minutes £40.00
  • 1 Hour £60.00
  • 2 Hours £100.00
  • 3 Hours £150.00
  • 4 Hours £200.00
  • Thereafter £45.00 per hour


  • DVD, MiniDV audio enhancement
  • Film footage restoration
  • VHS audio enhancement
  • Noise and Hiss Removal


Oxford Izotope Audio Restorations   Our studio can offer audio restoration services, to help you recover and enhance poor quality audio for evidence in court. WAV files are prepared and can be burnt to DVD or uploaded to a server for fast delivery

Working with investigation companies, solicitors, private clients and businesses we can offer a bespoke forensic audio enhancement for criminal proceedings evidence. Audio enhancement can reduce street noise and background sounds, raise specific audio sounds associated with telephone conversations, de-crackle and removal hiss.

Advanced audio restoration services are accepted as evidence in court. Our services will ensure a cleaned up and transferred audio file in whatever suitable format you require. All prices exclude VAT.

Advanced Audio Restoration Charges

  • Initial Engineers Spec Report £60.00 (refundable if order is taken on)
  • 1 Hour £100.00
  • 2 Hours £150.00
  • 3 Hours £200.00
  • 4 Hours £250.00
  • Thereafter £60.00 per hour

  • Enhancements of inaudible recordings
  • Conversation enhancement of audio recordings
  • Background noise suppression
  • Cleaning up of noise
  • Balancing environmental noise
  • Removal of hum frequencies
  • Conversation enhancement
  • Sentence enhancement
  • Mobile phone restoration

Professional and High Quality Film, Video, Audio, Scan, Duplication and Digitisation Services for Corporate and Individuals.

Contact: 01865 457000 A: 29 Rear Part Banbury Road Kidlington OX5 1AQ H: Monday to Thursday 9pm - 5pm Friday 9am - 3pm

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