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Audio to WAV or High Quality MP3 File Conversion Oxford

  • We transfer all 8 tracks perfectly synched as raw audio data files in WAV, AIFF, FLAC or Broadcast Wave Format. Each track (1 through 8) on the tape becomes a soundfile (1 through 8) on the data CD/DVD.
  • Sound files can be imported in your editing program for mixing and sound processing.
  • Playback and recording on professional equipment (each of our interconnect cables costs more than the average discounter's studio...).
  • 8-track 1/2 inch tapes are played back and digitized at 15 ips. If your master tape was NOT originally recorded at 15 ips, when you load the data files into your editing program, it is a very simple command to change the speed and pitch. A 1 octave change (up or down) will equal a change of tape speed by x2 or x1/2.
  • Analog to digital conversion is performed with the best available, cleanest sounding A/D converters.
  • The transfer is RAW: no noise reduction, no trimming, no mix-down, no separating by songs.

For transfers up to 700 Mb, a data CD will be prepared. For transfers over 700 Mb, data DVD(s) are prepared.


Audio Reel to Reel Conversion Audio WAV Price List Oxford

Our MP3 audio conversion service is prepared first by preparing a high quality audio WAV file and then converting down to a high quality MP3. Our audio reel to reel conversion service uses sophisticated Pro-Tools technology that allows our technicians to transfer the audio reels to the highest quality.

Please see below our audio reel to reel conversion price list. Contact us direct on 01865 457000 or pop into our friendly studio

DAT Tape

Price Per Audio

1+ 10.00
5+ 9.00
10+ 8.50

Price Per Audio

1+ 19.50
5+ 17.50
10+ 16.00

Price Per Audio

1+ 70.00
5+ 64.00
10+ 58.00

Price Per Audio

1+ 21.25
5+ 19.25
10+ 17.50

Price Per Audio

1+ 65.50
5+ 59.50
10+ 54.00

For transfers up to 700 Mb, a data CD will be prepared. For transfers over 700 Mb, data DVD(s) are prepared.

The magnetic tape medium is prone to loss of high frequencies (HF). The HF loss is magnified by aging and by storage in less than optimum conditions (optimum storage conditions for magnetic tape: 68 degrees F at 40% humidity). Many tapes submitted are old and have not been stored optimally. Such tapes will exhibit an increased loss of HF, and an apparent increase in "boominess". Our RAW transfers are an exact digitization, they will sound exactly as the tape plays today. The proper balance between high and low frequencies (equalization) can be restored by an experienced engineer (or by you) in your studio.

Audio Reel to Reel Conversion to WAV files Oxford UK

Because we are audio specialists, our clients benefit from industry standard professional Pro-Tool audio technology to transfer rare and treasured Vinyl, LPs and Video O Graph records into a digital format and encode these to an audio CD, hard drive, USB or upload to our server ready for you to download. Prices exclude VAT.

Audio Conversion Services Oxford

We clean your Vinyl, Voice O Graph or LP using an anti static carbon fibre brush to ensure minimum noise interferance. Conversion is used using a high spec turntable. All converted files are brought in at 48k WAV files to ensure the best digital capture. Recording and converting Vinyls and LPs into WAV or MP3 are in real time.


Audio Video Image and Document Duplication and Digitisation Services for Corporate, Historical and Consumer Clients.

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