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LaserDisc to DVD transfer services will convert your LaserDisc to DVD, Hard Drive or Flash Drive,using the best playback machines, hi-end computers  and highest quality software.  We have digitized  thousands of LaserDiscs over the years.

Like for Like Price Match Guarantee. If you find a price cheaper, we will happily match it. All prices exclude VAT.

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LaserDisc can degrade each time you play it. Combined with optical weakness or damage, it becomes very important to transfer your memories so they can be played for future generations, without any change in quality. Trust the company that NHS, Oxford County Council and Oxford University recommend.

Our audio services are extensive and cover the following:

  laser disc conversion to cd

LaserDisc or (LD) is a home video format and the first commercial optical disc storage medium (also known as simply "DiscoVision") in North America in 1978.

Years ago, long before the dawn of the DVD or Blu-ray formats, consumer video was strictly all-analog, from the very first broadcasts right up to the introduction of the LaserDisc. The 12-inch, double-sided LaserDisc looked like a giant CD, but the video was analog encoded on two single-sided aluminum discs layered in plastic. 


120+ Minutes
laser disc conversion to cd

High quality laser disc conversion to WAV MP3 files or audio CD

1+ 25.00
5+ 22.00
10+ 20.00

The discs that debuted in 1978 had analog audio soundtracks, but later discs featured stereo digital sound. Millions of players were sold in the U.S., but LaserDisc was, even during the height of its popularity, a niche format that appealed mostly to videophiles. It had much greater success in Japan, and was used in 10 percent of all households. 


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